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WOMEN & WEATHER is a multi-year, multi-genre collaboration between HAFIZAH AUGUSTUS GETER, a queer Nigerian American poet and writer, and DANIEL RAMOS, a Mexican American artist and photographer. Together, and through our combined art forms and histories, we investigate what the work of liberation looks like around the world. 

Traversing Latin America, Africa, Asia and the U.S., we construct a “memoir” of the collective by centering the lives and legacies of people of color, women, queer and trans people, and climate and migration activists, and how their lives reverberate across their communities. 


Through Geter’s narrative essays and Ramos’s photography, sculpture, and collage—and working closely with locals in each community—WOMEN & WEATHER draws a constellation, mapping what binds oppressed people around the world: our freedom struggles. 


WOMEN & WEATHER is a future-archive that shines light on the porousness of borders and the complex work and joys of communal existence. Geter, and Ramos construct a uniquely future-focused, multidisciplinary undertaking that emphasizes the hope of communities and the power of marginalized people to alter worlds.

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